Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Dog + Deck

I don't have a whole lot to say about my post today. Basically I got dressed up for nothing. Anyway, this is a totally casual outfit that I like to wear on leisure days. Today all I did was walk my lovely (but annoying) dog (as seen in the pictures) named Rolly. We named him that because he was the fattest pup in the litter-just like Rolly in 101 Dalmatians. "But mother, I'm hungry!" His legal name however is Sir Nigel Rolfschild of Joan. (We used to live on a street named Joan). I know this story was a tad off topic but I think learning the origin of pet names is interesting. Continuing on with what I did today,I visited my grandma, took a practice SAT test-exciting, I know- and went to the orthodontist. Hopefully I will have these braces off by my 18th birthday! Now I am off to meet my two best friends. 

What I'm Wearing: Black and gold Forever 21 sunglasses, dusty pink Urban Outfitter top, white Forever 21 shirt with black triangle pattern, thrifted high waisted Levi denim shorts, black high top Chuck Taylor All Star Converse
Happy Tuesday!


  1. adorable! and my hat off to you for loving perks of being a wallflower, its AMAZINGGG

    1. Thanks! I can't wait to read it!